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Coup, a New Manhattan Bar, Aims to Serve Up an Antidote to Trump
By Robert Simonson, April 6, 2017
“Something came over Ravi DeRossi in early November. “For the few weeks after the election, I couldn’t get out of bed,” he said. “It was all I could do to read the news.”  So, to snap himself out of it, he did what he does best: open a bar.”

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Death & Co Plans Its First Branch, In Denver
By Robert Simonson, August 19., 2016
"The partners behind the bar, one of the trailblazers in New York’s neo-retro cocktail scene, said that the new Death & Co. will be inside the Ramble Hotel, which is to open in late 2017."

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Its Space Is No Object – Hungry City: Bergen Hill in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
By Ligaya Mishan, February 6, 2014
“Here is squid, shaved into ribbons to look like tagliatelle, and exactingly al dente, in a pomodoro sauce that would make Scott Conant sigh. The flavors keep going down: liquefying films of cold-smoked lardo; a crush of garlicky breadcrumbs with a frisk of lemon zest; fennel sofrito reduced past the point of liquid.“

Amor y Amargo Cocktail Picture.jpg

Amor y Amargo Indulges a Yen for the Smoky or Citrusy
By Steve Reddicliffe, Feburary 13, 2014
"EVEN if love were not part of the name, I would fall for Amor y Amargo in the East Village."

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Gin Palace
By Brian Sloan, September 5 2012
“The original gin palaces were dive bars,” said the owner, Ravi DeRossi, referring to the London drinking clubs popular in the mid-19th century. To that end, he has created a dark, moody room that has more of a pub feel; no chairs or tables, just slatted wooden benches lining the walls, where patrons can order from some 32 carefully selected brands of gin."

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Cienfuegos: A Toyland for Grownups
By Dana Schuster, May 7, 2010
"People lingered by the counter while “Buscando a Visa Para un Sueño” played on a large iPod disguised as a boom box…. Cienfuegos, the latest bar in Mr. DeRossi’s East Village craft cocktail empire, which includes Death & Company, Mayahuel and the Bourgeois Pig."

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Desnuda: Where Every Dish Is a Tiny Performance
By Oliver Schwaner-Albright July 15, 2009
"Desnuda, a romantically lighted sliver of a bar in the East Village, uses potato chips — to be more exact, Wise potato chips, easily foraged in this bodega-rich neighborhood — to give its tilefish ceviche some snap and salt. The dish is a generous portion of sashimi-quality fish fanned over bright yuzu sauce…"

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A Decade of Invention, and Reinvention
By Robert Simonson Dec. 29, 2009
“Invented in 2007 by the tequila specialist Philip Ward at Death & Co. in the East Village, this drink quickly appeared on menus across the country and became a harbinger of the Mexican spirits’ ascendancy. It’s now just one of many tequila- and mezcal-based drinks at Mr. Ward’s bar Mayahuel.”

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A Bar With a Hypothesis
by Pete Wells July 16, 2009
“To drink the alluringly pink and soothingly sweet Watermelon Sugar, you must press your lips to a glass rimmed with salt and cayenne pepper. A cool, green number called Pilot Punch is a refreshing glass of cucumber, lime and Blanco tequila with mint. It starts innocently enough until a slow burn grips the back of your throat and you realize the drink has been packing an invisible hit of jalapeño.”