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These Crazy Tiki Cocktails Are The Latest Selfie Trend
By Christian Gollayan, March 24, 2017
Though the vibrant cocktail lounges loosely inspired by Caribbean and South Pacific cultures sprung up across the US in the 1930s, in the last few decades they became passé, synonymous with cheesy paper umbrella decor and sickly sweet drinks.”

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Beware: New York’s Hippest Bars Are Going Vegan
By Christian Gollayan, August 24, 2016
When his pet Simon was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, restaurateur Ravi DeRossi decided to give up eating animals — and have his popular nightlife spots do the same. Last month, he opened Ladybird, an opulent vegan tapas joint, in the West Village space that was home to his popular Bourgeois Pig bar for 12 years.”