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Last Call at Mayahuel: Did the Pioneering Tequila and Mezcal Bar Change American Drinking Forever?
By Brett Moskowitz, Aug 2, 2017
“It came as something of a gut punch to learn that Mayahuel, the beloved East Village agave bar opened in 2009 by Ravi DeRossi and Phil Ward of Death & Co fame, will stir its final Oaxacan Old Fashioned on August 8.



This One-of-a-Kind Bar Is All About Political Activism
By Robert Haynes-Peterson, April 27, 2017
“Don’t talk religion or politics” used to be the working mantra for barbers, bartenders and Thanksgiving dinner. But oh have times changed. This month, New York City saw the opening of Coup (as in “d’état”), a bar with a thirst for social justice, backed by owner/restaurateur Ravi DeRossi, who owns more than a dozen properties in the city, and partners Max Green and Sother Teague. One-hundred percent of Coup’s profits are donated to several programs and charities, including Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the ASPCA and the NRDC.