Ladybird Plant Based Cuisine Picture.jpg

Another Stylish Vegetarian Restaurant Has Opened in New York
By Sierra Tishgart, July 27, 2016
“On the heels of Nix and Superiority Burger comes Ladybird, a “globally inspired vegetable tapas bar” from Ravi DeRossi, who owns Death & Co., Mother of Pearl, newly relocated Bergen Hill, and vegan restaurant Avant Garden, among other popular, cool-kids spots.”

Amor y Amargo Jager Cocktail Picture.jpg

How a Frat-House Staple Finally Earned the Respect of America’s Top Bartenders
By Charley Lanyon, August 15, 2016

At Amor y Amargo, the cozy bar in New York’s East Village that specializes in bitters, beverage director Sother Teague offers two Jäger cocktails. The “Precision Timepiece” actually uses Jäger to temper the cocktail’s bitterness, pairing it with the Italian amaro Montenegro, along with Aperol and bitters.

August Laura Cocktail Picture.jpg

A New Italian Cocktail Bar Opens in Brooklyn With Amaretto Sours and Lambrusco Spritzes

By Chris Crowley, May 19, 2016
“Carroll Gardens has long been one of New York’s Italian-American strongholds, a heritage that’s maintained by enduring establishments like Caputo’s Fine Foods and referenced by newer, homage-paying restaurants like Frankie’s 457 and Lucali, two of the neighborhood’s best restaurants. And starting tonight, hospitality-industry vets Frankie Rodriguez (a former Death & Co. general manager) and Alyssa Sartor (recently the head bartender at the Bar Room* will give the neighborhood their version of an Italian-inspired bar.”