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Ladybird, Ravi DeRossi's Vegan Tapas Bar Opens in Old Bourgeois Pig Space Today
By Serena Dai, July 21, 2016
"Restaurateur Ravi DeRossi's move toward veganism makes a big move tonight as his first bar The Bourgeois Pig officially turns into vegan tapas bar Ladybird. The chef from DeRossi's Mother of Pearl, Daphne Cheng, created the menu here, too. She's replaced the Pig's pork-based charcuterie with "vegetable charcuterie," a cold dish with smoked carrot, beet chorizo, mushroom pâté, fig compote, and more."

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Ravi DeRossi’s Tiki Bar Mother of Pearl Starts Pouring Fruity Drinks Tuesday
By Devra Ferst, July 2, 2015
"Nightlife maven Ravi DeRossi has swapped out his large stash of gin at Gin Palace for rum, cachaca, and tequila. He also gave the space a tiki makeover, and redubbed the Avenue A bar Mother of Pearl.…"

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The Bourgeois Pig Shutters Its Original Home as It Settles Down in Greenwich Village
By Devra Ferst, January 9, 2015
“Don’t worry, the fondue is still around. After 10 years in the East Village, fondue-focused restaurant The Bourgeois Pig shut its grand old (looking) doors last Saturday. Late last year, when the owners learned of a rent hike at the original location that would force them out, they opened a second location in Greenwich Village.”

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Here is a List of the Best 50 Bars in the World
By Paula Forbes, Nov. 7, 2011
"Need a drink? Cocktail industry magazine Drinks International has released a global top 50 list featuring bars from around the world. The list was determined by polling a hundred bar professionals, including media folk, a "diamond-ice carver," and various other cocktail know-it-alls."