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The 35 Must-Try Cocktails Around the World
By Maura Walters and Christopher Ross, March 16, 2017
“Whether you consider yourself a martini man or prefer an old-fashioned, there’s a good chance that no matter where you are traveling, you’ll be able to find a memorable place to have a drink in just about any city in the world. Sometimes the atmosphere of a place can turn a good drink into a great one—and sometimes the quality of drink transcends its environment. For the 35 cocktails below, we found both: a great drink in a great bar. Some of them are classic destinations, some are hidden-away hot spots. The only rule? Don’t order a beer.

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Small Is the New Big: Hot New Restaurants Go for Intimacy First
By Peter Elliot, November 2, 2016
“Giant Zen palaces of food are no longer the thing: Lately, the world’s top chefs want a cozy experience for their diners.