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Established in 2006, Derossi Global is a premier restaurant group focusing on building of some of New York’s favorite high-end cocktail bars. With some venues that have grown to become internationally known destinations, DeRossi Global focuses to create immersive and transportive experiences for native New Yorkers and the traveler alike. Some of our most famed properties are Death & Company, Amor y Amargo, Mother of Pearl, Ladybird, Proletariat & Mayahuel, to name a few.

With a keen eye for decor & a true knack for creating a complete experience, Derossi Global’s venues are firmly placed at the forefront of NYC bar & restaurant scene, giving each parishioner a perfectly crafted evening out.

Touting such accolades as Best American Bar (Death & Co.) and Best New Bar (Mayahuel) at Tales of the Cocktail, Derossi Global is a proven leader in the industry with a thumb on the heartbeat of the elusive cocktail & restaurant industry.

Photograph courtesy of An Rong Xu .

Photograph courtesy of An Rong Xu.



Ravi began his career traveling around the world as an artist and painter, before returning to his native New York City and has been taking the nightlife world by storm ever since. At the age of 30 his entrepreneurial journey began, creating a mini-empire of world renowned cocktail lounges and bars. Described in the recent NY Times piece about his journey as the “Stealth Prince of the East Village”, Ravi’s bars and restaurants have been featured in hundreds of thousands of national, international and local publications, received acclaim for their impact on cocktail culture and two of his establishments have published cocktail books. Named one of Wine Enthusiast’s Tastemakers of the year, it is no doubt that he is the man behind several of New York City’s favorite bars.

Having achieved a level of notoriety and success in the cocktail world, Ravi shifted his focus to food where his innovation was noticed by the New York Times and The New Yorker. A vegetarian-turned-vegan himself, Ravi holds a deep affection for all animals, and has been an outspoken voice on animal rights issues. His nonprofit BEAST Foundation and shift to plant based ventures has warranted both local and national applause, receiving an award from PETA for his efforts.

With 15 bars and restaurants currently operating Ravi has, in the extremely competitive nightlife market, defied the odds. Much of his success is attributed to his creative background as an artist, identifying underserved niches in the hospitality market and creating design-savvy establishments to serve them. Architectural Digest picked up on his keen eye and named two of his places as the most stylish bars in the country. Ravi always has a few new projects on the horizon, including a Death & Co Denver launch. His focus now being on expanding current brands into new markets, he’s already in negotiation on spaces in Miami, LA and Chicago.


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